Stories From the Farm and Ranch

Martin Gnadt: A Good Horse (4)
Alma, Kansas, 2017

Bill Brethour: Milk Fever (6)
Alma, Kansas, 2018

* Gene Barr: Better Horses (3)
Morris County, Kansas, 2019

* Jackie Hett: Pulling Calves (4)
Marion County, Kansas, 2019

* Kenny Stahl: Cowboyin' and Stuff (8)
Strong City, Kansas, 2019

* Pat Sauble: Open Range (1)
Newton, Kansas, 2019

Bill Schwalm: Moving Cattle (1)
Alma, Kansas, 2018

* Tom Burton: Five and a Half Days (4)
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2019

* Tony Meseke: Go Devil (8)
Volland, Kansas, 2019

* Gary Schultz: Sale Barn Wisdom (5)
Alma, Kansas, 2019

* Evelyn Zeckser and Mary Schultz: Laundry Day (5)
Alma, Kansas, 2019

* Louie Surber: Broken Strings (3)
Eureka, Kansas, 2019

* Paul Seeley: Seventy-five Miles (4)
Eureka, Kansas, 2019

* Marcia and Wayne Bailey: Rancher/Cowboy (4)
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2019

* Annie Wilson: The Dog that Stood in the Gate (1)
More from Annie coming soon!

* Dennis Hague and Piper Hayes: A Good Hand (3)
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2019

* Bev Walker Hedrick: Bib Overalls (2)
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2019





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